Error 1305?

I am currently installing CoD:WaW but i keep getting this error every 20 minutes. It ask if the file exist (which it does) and if i can access it. i try to access it but its in a format which my comp does not know how to open.

So does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

I tried installing the game once before and it kept giving me this error, and when the installation was complete it said "Installation Terminated" or something close to that.

which makes me pretty sure that it will happen again by the time this is done installing.

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    6 years ago:

    Well, exactly what it says. The computer, while installing, is unable to access the Treyarch.bik video file. So, it aborts the install. Your disc might be scratched, smudged, or something is impeding your drive from reading it. Aside from that...I doubt your game had corrupted files on it, but who knows.

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    6 years ago:

    Nope not scratched, smudged, and my drives are fine.

    E: another error popped up about ber1.ff

    i looked in the folder they directed it to and the ber1.ff file is not even in there.

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